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  • The danger of water pollution and the impact on our health

  • Legislation and penal policy

  • The method of creating action plans for reaching the threshold values by 2025

  • Examples and plant solutions

  • Conditions and method of access for obtaining funds from the IPARD fund and possibilities of using the funds




  • Acquaintance of users with legal obligations from regulations, penal policy for failure to comply with obligations and raising awareness about the impact of wastewater on our health and environment.

  • Explanation of the importance of applying standards as a competitive tool, access to and withdrawal of funds from the IPARD fund, as well as technologies that are used to solve wastewater problems.

        Inadequate discharge of waste water into the environment is a violation of all legal and professional norms.

Who is the webinar intended for? 

The webinar is intended for small, medium and large companies that have problems with municipal or industrial waste water, regardless of the industry they are dealing with.  

Standardization of waste water management, penal policy and technical solutions

February 9, 2021



1. Vesna Polumirac - inspector of the city of Belgrade and member of the Board of Directors of MINS (Network of Inspectors of Serbia)

2. Srđan Gajić - president of Association 3e (OCD) and consultant for environmental protection

3. Dr. Vlada Kovačević – consultant and researcher, Institute for Agricultural Economics

4. Nebojša Lacković - expert in the field of drinking and waste water, representative of BluLinea and KW International.

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