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The Institute for Standardization of Serbia organized the seminar "Standardization in the field of waste water management, regulation, penal policy and technical solutions", in cooperation with Association "3e" from Belgrade.


The seminar is intended for large industrial systems from all areas and acquaints users with regulatory obligations, with punitive measures, and raises awareness about the impact of wastewater on our health and environmental pollution.


The importance of the application of standards as a competitive tool is explained and technological solutions for solving the problem of wastewater, inadequate handling of wastewater and their release into the environment, which represent a violation of legal and professional standards, are presented.


The following topics are specially covered:

• dangers of water pollution,

• the situation on the ground in this area,

• legal regulations and punitive measures, 

• the way of making action plans for reaching the limit values,

• waste water monitoring.

Standardization in the field of waste water management, regulation, penal policy and technical solutions 

September 12, 2019

October 25, 2019

Who is the seminar intended for? 


The seminar is intended for representatives of large systems of all branches of industry.




1. Dr. Elizabet Paunović, consultant and former head of the WHO European Center for Environment and Health in Bonn

2. Daliborka Radulović, city inspector for environmental protection, Belgrade

3. Vesna Polumirac, municipal inspector of the City of Belgrade and member of the Board of Directors of the Network of Inspectors


4. Srđan Gajić - president of Association 3e (OCD) and consultant for environmental protection


5. Mr. Mirjana Mirković Đorđević - Head of the Department for Chemical Technologies, Agriculture, Forestry, Safety, Environment and General Standards of ISS, Secretary of the KS CASCO Commission, QMS auditor

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