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The Institute for Standardization of Serbia, in cooperation with the Association 3e from Belgrade, is organizing a seminar again on the topic of "Wastewater management, regulations, standards, penal policy and conditions for withdrawing funds from the IPARD fund", due to great interest.


This seminar, in addition to large industrial systems, pays special attention to small and medium-sized enterprises engaged in food production, which were enabled to solve their problems related to wastewater with the help of the IPARD fund. The seminar familiarizes the users with the obligations from the regulation, as well as with the punitive measures and raises awareness about the impact of wastewater on our health and the polluted environment. It also explains the importance of applying standards as a competitive tool, presents technological solutions, as well as the method of accessing and withdrawing funds from the IPARD fund for solving the wastewater problem, as well as the possibility of additional investment for producers.


Inadequate handling of waste water and its uncontrolled release into the environment is a violation of legal and professional norms.


The following topics are specially covered:


  • The situation on the ground in this area,

  • Legislation,

  • Method of creating the Action Plan for reaching the limit values according to the regulation

  • Waste water monitoring,

  • Conditions and method of access for obtaining funds from the IPARD fund and its possibilityand.

Wastewater management, regulation, standards, penal policy and conditions for withdrawing financial resources from the IPARD fund

December 18, 2019

Kome je namenjen seminar? 


Seminar je namenjen predstavnicima velikih sistema svih grana industrije, malim i srednjim preduzećima koji se bave proizvodnjom kao i preradom hrane.




1. Vesna Polumirac – inspektor grada Beograda i član Upravnog odbora MINS (Mreža Inspektora Srbije)


2. Srđan Gajić – predsednik Udruženja 3e (OCD) i konsultant za zaštitu životne sredine

3. dr Vlada Kovačević – konsultant i naučni radnik, Institut za ekonomiku poljoprivrede


4. mr Mirjana Mirković Đorđević – rukovodilac Odeljenja za hemijske tehnologije, poljoprivredu, šumarstvo, bezbednost, životnu sredinu i opšte standarde ISS, sekretar komisije KS CASCO, proveravač za QMS


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