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The Institute for Standardization of Serbia, in cooperation with the "3e" Association from Belgrade, is organizing a  webinar "Waste water management - Action plans", intended for industrial systems from all areas, with an emphasis on the food industry. Technological solutions for waste water will be explained at the webinar, where users will learn about legal obligations, punitive measures, as well as ways and forms of creating action plans.


Association "3e" launched the "Water Month" campaign in December and is preparing an analysis of the state of wastewater management in Serbia.


This webinar is an opportunity to raise awareness of the need to improve water protection, as well as to familiarize participants with the standards and the benefits of their application.


Topics to be covered:

- Regulation of waste water, 

- Action plans - form, way of writing, obligations, 

- Wastewater monitoring (methods of analysis of certain pollutants), 

- Wastewater treatment plants and systems,

- Reuse of treated wastewater.

Waste water management - Action plans

January 22, 2021

Who is the webinar intended for? 

The webinar is intended for representatives of large systems of all branches of industry.



1. Vesna Polumirac – inspector of the city of Belgrade and member of the Board of Directors of MINS (Network of Inspectors of Serbia)

2. Srđan Gajić - president of Association 3e (OCD) and consultant for environmental protection

3. Mr. Mirjana Mirković Đorđević - Head of the Department for Chemical Technologies, Agriculture, Forestry, Safety, Environment and General Standards of ISS, Secretary of the KS CASCO Commission, QMS auditor

The fee for the webinar is RSD 10,000.00

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