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The "Eco Colony" project aimed to motivate children and youth and create conditions for active and creative leisure time. The project involved the active involvement of students from the "Đuro Strugar" elementary school in Belgrade in its implementation, with the aim of raising ecological awareness and preserving the environment. The target group of the project was 3rd grade children, but in agreement with the director, we met all younger grades as well as preschoolers from a nearby kindergarten.
The idea of the project was to raise awareness about the importance of the planet and its preservation in the environment. In teaching practice, it has been shown that today's youth best accept content that is presented to them in an interesting and practical way and in which they are actively involved. Precisely for this reason, this project was realized through interesting workshops. The intention of the  project is to provide children and youth with education about environmental protection through play and socializing and to find ambassadors among this group who will further educate members within this category.
Based on everything implemented, the goals of the project were fulfilled, namely: support for the global environmental protection project, raising awareness while acquiring knowledge about protecting the planet, and motivating children and youth to acquire knowledge about nature protection and transfer knowledge to their environment.

Eco colony

in 2018

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